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Nutritional Therapy, Healing with Wholefoods


"I can't believe the difference changing my diet has made to how I feel and look. I no longer have a constant headache and I've also lost 2st 11lb in 5 months without ever feeling hungry. I'm delighted!" (D.M.)

"I decided to make an appointment with Éva as I had been suffering with migraines, poor skin and tiredness for some time. I had already been down the traditional route of seeing my doctor to try to get a solution but to no avail. Within a short time of beginning my diet and supplements prescribed to me by Éva I was beginning to feel a lot better and felt that I was finally getting some answers as to why I was having the aforementioned problems. My skin was improving, my migraines disappeared and I was feeling more energetic than ever. The treatment, advice and support that I received from Éva was second to none and I have had no hesitation in recommending her to many of my friends and family." (S.H.)

"Éva’s approach is individualized, considerate and thorough. Following my appointment I felt Éva had listened to my aims and devised a goal-based plan around my needs. This was fantastic as I felt she didn’t take an extremist approach, instead planning a dietary and supplement plan that had a clear rationale and was easy for me to implement and sustain. Most importantly I saw immediate results in my energy, concentration and over-all wellbeing. I would highly recommend Nutritional Therapy with Éva." (M.E.)

"I have been attending Éva Hill for 5 weeks to try to improve my general health and to lower my cholesterol. I have found her to be extremely helpful and full of knowledge about the correct nutrition plans and her advice has really worked. She is a really good nutritionist who takes a genuine interest in her patients, even giving out recipes to help with diet and health. I felt an improvement in my health after just 1 week of meeting her and following her programme." (C.R.)

"I have to thank you for the consultation I had with you. The professional and caring way you handled the appointment with me following the booking was absolutely fantastic as well as your follow up process since the appointment. It is obvious that you love the profession / job that you do and you have that wonderful and lovely ability in dealing with your patient. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and family for future appointments." (D.O.)

"Thank you so much for all the information and great ideas, I'm so glad I met you and am looking forward to making the necessary changes." (Y.Q.)

"Dear Éva, Thanks for all the rich information. It was wonderful to talk to a caring and knowledgeable person like you. Keep up the hard work." (N.K.)

"I have consulted Éva Hill on a number of occasions on my on going health issues, she always makes me feel so much better, not just by her extensive knowledge, but by her very great kindness and sensitivity. Éva is a very wonderful and rare nutritional therapist nothing is to much trouble for to explain to you, and her back up after visits is amazing, I can say with complete honesty that I have never met a therapist who has helped me more." (S.P.)

"I first visited Éva at a time when my energy, my digestion and my overall health was at an all time low. I had been suffering from suspected IBS which I had investigated through my GP. After a colonoscopy and a consultation the conventional medical wisdom was exhausted and it was suggested I attend a nutritional therapist. On the recommendation of a friend I found Éva. From our first meeting she struck me as empathetic, knowledgeable and I instinctively knew that she could help me. It is also nice to meet someone who looks healthy when you are dealing with restoring your own health! She did a detailed investigation and tailored a very specific recovery programme for my recovery. She also conducted an allergy test which was the key to unlocking the worst of my IBS. Over the course of two years everything changed. Instead of feeling that I was freewheeling into sickness and unhappiness I began to feel better, energised, and well. My husband commented on how clear my eyes and skin had become and how amazing I looked. Today I am restored to my good health and energy. When I do as Éva taught me I feel wonderful, if I stray too far for too long I pay! I couldn't thank her enough for all that she has done for me, and she is highly, highly recommended." (M.O.)

"Thanks very much for re-educating my eating habits and giving me a great understanding of what we put into our bodies has such a profound effect on our health and wellbeing. Small ailments now may become far more sinister in later years and good advice from you on diet and nutritional supplements have had great benefits for me in my overall health and hopefully will continue to do so in the future with your guidance." (A.G.)

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