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Nutritional Therapy, Healing with Wholefoods

decorationNutritional Therapy

Optimum nutrition is the medicine of the future.
Linus Pauling

Nutritional Therapy is a naturopathic, patient-centred therapy, focusing on the healing properties of foods, finding and addressing the root of the health problem, not just the symptoms.

Optimum nutrition and good absorption is the base stone of wellbeing. The right nutrients and proper elimination can enable your cells to work their best, making you feel energized, allowing your body to heal itself, naturally.

During a one-to-one consultation we will take a close look at your presenting symptoms, medical history, your present diet; we find out how your main systems function - I may also run some tests to help us get you results faster. After a thorough investigation we tweak your diet in such way that it would best assist your healing.

You will be given a personalised menu plan with meal ideas, plenty of fast, delicious recipes and practical tips to make it easier for you to fit your diet into your lifestyle. I will teach you how to make healthier choices and understand the relations between your food and your cellular function.

And because I make up a personalised diet plan, I work with your level of taste. I take into consideration your preferences, likes and dislikes. After all, it is important that you enjoy your meals.

You’ll see how even small dietary changes can make a whola-lotta difference!

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Nutritional therapy is for you if you want to rid yourself of any of the problems listed below: